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What is DNA profiling and banking?DNA Profiling and Banking

DNA is the genetics material found in each cell of the body. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is what comprises our genetic makeup. It is passed from parents to child, and carries instructions for how the body develops and functions.

DNA profiling is a tool to identify an individualís unique genetic makeup. A sample is collected from the individual (oral swab for dogs). The DNA is extracted and profiled using state of the art STR (Short Tandem Repeated) DNA technology.

 DNA banking is preserving DNA samples for a period of 25 years with option of renewal for a nominal fee. Banked DNA could then be used for genetic disease testing in the future.

DNA can be taken from birth, or as soon as you are comfortable putting the swab inside the puppies mouth

Your dogs DNA profile is given to you in a certificate form that proudly displays your dog's unique genetic identity.

Why DNA profile and bank?

It could in the future allows breeders to avoid breeding animals that carry disease genes. Additionally, veterinarians and dog owners may be interested in testing for the von Willebrand type disease mutation. Also available are numerous tests for many of the coat color genes responsible for a great deal of the coat color variation in dogs. By using these tests, breeders can select mates who will produce litters with predictable coat colors, and avoid undesirable coat colors. Also DNA profiling can prove the parentage of a dog and so prove that it is a pure Tamaskan.

DNA profiling is now mandatory for all breeding dogs. Since July 2007 all breeding dogs have been DNA profiled to prove parentage, this will ensure the purity of our breed. It will also help to cut down on puppy farming and people breeding any mixture of dogs and claiming they are pure Tamaskan for monetary gain.

DNA has also recently been used to prove ownership if your dog is lost or stolen or is in a road accident.


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