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How to Join the
Tamaskan Dog Society of Great Britain

The Tamaskan Dog Society of Great Britain (established Jan 2006) is an organization for all those interested in the breed of Working dog known as the Tamaskan. The club was established to promote the interests of the Breed and to ensure adherence to true type as stated in the Breed Standard.

All members agree to abide by the Club's rules.

Subscriptions are due annually on the 1st January and any notice of resignation must be given not less than one month before this date.

How to pay

  1. Cheque made payable to "The Tamaskan Dog Club of Great Britain"
  2. Paypal (Small surcharge made for payment by this method)
Annual Subscription
Single Membership:
Joint Membership:
Family Membership


Junior Membership


Overseas Members: If you would like to receive the club's newsletter by air mail instead of email, please add 3 per annum to your subscription.

New Membership applicants must complete an application form available from the secretary.


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