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No-Wolf-Tamaskan-Fable/TamaskanTruth Websites

It has come to a point where we must recognize these websites and address what is written there.

It does annoy me greatly that we have to justify ourselves to such a ridiculous collection of lies and rumor, but we believe people need to know the truth behind their so called truth.

Here, I will address some of what has been  written on various website.

NI and Ute Content

Some people have called into question the amount of NI and Ute content in the Tamaskan.

Obviously all of our foundation dogs were re- registered as Tamaskan from something else, but they have ALWAYS been labelled as foundation dogs, all our history is explained on both the TDR website and the Foundation dog booklets, I do not see how pointing out what everyone already knows (that Tamaskan have NI and Ute content) is much of a hidden secret or shows us lying in any way.


It is true that Boogie may be a pure wolf or a high percentage wolf-dog and that he lived/lives at Polarspeed kennels.

It is also true that we purchased wolf-dogs from a mating of Boogie x Blondy av Vargevass, we also purchased Blondy, who sadly passed away recently. We have never denied owning wolfdogs while living in Finland, we also admit to re-homing these wolfdogs before our return to the UK, where they are illegal. The fact that they have 'found' these wolfdogs means nothing, they were never lost and we have never denied owning them.


Blustag have never denied owning Valko, or our plans to one day breed from him.   When it was decided that Lynn did not wish to remain in Finland, Valko was re-homed, as at the time wolf-dogs were not allowed in the UK, it was very sad for Lynn to have to part with him, but her family was more important.

Valko was re-homed perhaps 4 or 5 months before the mating of Paloose (who produced the ‘little’ litter) took place, the ‘little’ litter was born in Cambridgeshire, UK in April 2007

Sadly Valko was later put to sleep. 


DNA Proof

The websites claim that they have proof in the form of a DNA sample linking Valko to a Whitefang x Paloose at Blustag puppy, and yet they can provide no proof of which dog this DNA sample was taken from.

It is quite easy for me to take a DNA sample from dog A, dog B and say that together they have produced dog C. BUT they could have very easily taken samples of their own dogs and told the world they belonged to that of Valko.

They can claim that dog A is Whitefang/Valko until they are blue in the face but they cannot verify their claim as both Whitefang and Paloose at Blustag are no longer alive and so DNA evidence cannot be taken from them under supervised conditions.


Falsification of Pedigrees

It has been suggested that Blufawn falsified her pedigrees for a litter in 2007. The truth of the matter is that Jennie admitted to a double mating and DNA profiled one of her puppies to prove parentage. She listed Dingo as the sire on her paperwork and when the certificate was returned (certificates do not have parents names on them) there was not an accompanying letter to tell her that the sire was incorrect. So, assuming that she had the correct sire listed she placed Dingo on the dogs pedigree. Two years later a dog from that litter that she had sold into a breeding home had its DNA test returned as not being out of Dingo. Jennie then contacted the DNA company who admitted that it had made a mistake not correcting the original DNA that was taken from a pup in 2007 and Jennie altered the pedigrees accordingly. This suggestion of deliberate falsification is ridiculous, Jennie had nothing to gain from altering the name of the sire, neither sire was related to her bitch and she did not keep a puppy from the mating, but she DID sell a puppy into a breeding home knowing that DNA profiling would HAVE to be completed before the pup could be bred from.

Similarly Sugalba and Blustag have been accused of fabricating a dog in order to breed a back to back mating of a female. Blustag has in the past requested to breed a back to back mating for retiring dogs or dogs who had 2 or less pups from a previous litter. Blustag is not the only TDR breeder to request permission, two other well known kennels have also done back to back matings with permission from the TDR. So knowing that she could easily obtain permission from the TDR for a back to back mating, why would she then deliberately falsify paperwork?   Again, Lynn did not keep a puppy for herself but did send out 2 pups to breeding homes, knowing they would have their DNA tested.


In conclusion the rumours do not present one single scrap of evidence that there is any wolf content in the Tamaskan breed.  It is just a hoax/rumor website to discourage  people  from the original Tamaskan.   They have further attempted to discredit the Tamaskan by posting links to this website and on almost all wolf-dog, Utonagan and NI forums, vandalizing the Tamaskan Wikipedia page and creating an anti-TDR facebook page.

It is a series of elaborate guesswork, speculation and dramatization of emails and archived websites that no longer exist or never have and further more the falsification of news articles to defame leading members of the Tamaskan Dog Register. the suggestion that they sell puppies out of shopping carts and live in trailer parks is preposterous and laughable and to insinuate that a breeder kills her puppies when they do not conform to standard is cruel, heartless and is a total fabrication. These websites really do resemble tabloids in their ability to take a wild rumour and run with it, presenting obvious fabrications as fact and supplying so called proof, that does not resemble proof in the simplest form.


Health Issues

No-Wolf-Tamaskan-Fable Website states;

'Under the heading "epilepsy", the TDR makes a statement that they were not aware of the passing of an "ex-TDR breeders" dog from epilepsy.  In fact, they go so far as to say this passing was "a fact that was hidden from the TDR until now."  Another blatant lie by the TDR'

It is very sad that they had to concoct a false email in an attempt to protect what is effectively their only source of pure Tamaskan that they could get at Alba kennels, the 2nd largest Tamaskan owner, who since the publication of this article has left (or been thrown out of) the Aatu group.

 Despite pointing fingers at the TDR for knowing about the issues, the TDR have since cleansed their lines of the offending lines and made all their health issues public on a health database, while the TBA are still advertising their male, Alba Brun at Takari as a stud dog, even after learning his grandmother died from epilepsy.

No-Wolf-Tamaskan-Fable Website states;

'It is also interesting that while this 'health database' states that they have 'removed' certain dogs from the breeding program (particularly the ones they "feel" produced the epilepsy), they continue to breed the dogs that are known to produce monorchids (Jackal, Susi, Dingo, Tumanra, Raan, etc.).   '

While it is true the Tamaskan as a breed has produced a small handful of males with mon-orchidism, it has never been proven these dogs are carriers and more study needs to be carried out before we can determine where the fault comes from.

We are working very hard to minimize the amount of mon-orchids being produced by experimenting with our lines and using a process of elimination. Having said this, the Aatu Tamaskan breeders are using a dog (Blustag Onager at Conchur) which actually suffers directly with this problem, a sure way of passing mon-orchidism onto the next generation, while we are trying to move forward with our breeding, the TBA are still stuck in the stone ages and still pointing the finger at everyone else instead of dealing with their own problems.

Extensive research into the UK TDR Tamaskan Dog was undertaken and revealed that Blustag and Blufawn intentionally removed registered names and breeder kennels from the pedigrees, thereby presenting incomplete and inaccurate pedigree documents. The TBA believed that restoring the integrity of these pedigrees was paramount, and proceeded to research the true history of the origins of the UK TDR Tamaskan Dog. This research further showed that Blustag and Blufawn knowingly and intentionally disregarded health information presented to them which indicated significant health issues and genetic conditions within some of the UK TDR Tamaskan Dog lines.

When they say extensive research, what they mean is they asked the TDR and the TDR told them. The TDR has never hidden affix's and although we removed affixes (associated with NI and Utonagan breeders) from our pre foundation dogs (which stems back from the split between the Utonagan society and the British and International Utonagan Society)  that does not mean we are hiding them or not making them available to the public, they are all listed in the foundation dogs booklet for anyone who cares to look.

Also Blustag and Blufawn did not knowingly disregard health information. Blufawn and Blustag cleansed their lines of dogs with genetic health issues and Blufawn compiled a list of health issues and a mortality database which she then turned into the Health Database.  In fact the Aatu and Rightpuppy Kennels are the only breeders continuing to use these lines.

This image (and caption) is also seen on the tamaskan truth website

John Bannow Carrying Sick Dog
John Bannow has to carry his Tamaskan.
The Tamaskan is in agonizing pain and can no longer walk. Poor Dog

It is shocking that they would lower themselves to stealing images from peoples private facebook accounts to slander them because they are local competition. Jhis photograph was taken to show the size and temperament of the Tamaskan Dog, any further research would reveal later pictures proving that this dog (Jaegar) is perfectly capable of walking unaided and indeed, there is nothing wrong with him at all.


This is just a small collection of things they have said on the web sites, to address the whole lot would take up a lot of time and effort, better put to other more important issues. But if anyone needs anything explaining better they can email the TDR.

It is very sad that these people are attempting to damage our breed in this way. And you will also notice that everything they say the TDR is guilty of somehow does not affect their own dogs.

They say the TDR is guilty of certain ethical crimes (which are not proven) and suggest their breed and their club is better, and yet they go ahead and commit worse crimes than the ones they believe to have found out about the TDR. They are guilty of breeding from dogs with health issues in their past such as cataracts, epilepsy, renal dysplasia, failed hips etc  . While the TDR is working towards improving these problems, cutting out breeding dogs, introducing more health testing, informative websites and databases to help breeders, an affliated breeders scheme to encourage good husbandry.  The TBA however is spending their time creating websites like the no-wolf-fable website. They continue to breed dogs that will eventually bring the whole Aatu Tamaskan breed down and perhaps give the original Tamaskan Dog a bad name through association

I am sure many people will believe what is written on the websites who do not know about or own a Tamaskan, but if you ask any Tamaskan breeders or owner, they will all tell you the same thing, their dogs do not have wolf content.  These websites are a last ditch attempt of desperate people who cannot get along with TDR breeders.  They wish to still be able to breed and sell their dogs through their own club and discredit the original Tamaskan Dog and its Registry.

The Tamaskan Dog is only registered through the Tamaskan Dog Registry (TDR).  The TDR maintains strict guidelines in breeding and registering of Tamaskan Dogs.  Any other Club, Association, or Registry is not recognized by the founding organization and is not authentic.   The dogs they produces will inevitably become diluted with other breeds and become unrecognizable from the original Tamaskan dog as the breeders have no experience with rare arctic breeds or the formation of new breeds.

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