Veterans are classed as dogs over 6 years of age at the date of the show



Blufawn Chives (Minnie)



Blufawn Ginger at Blustag (Geri)




Blustag Sanuye (Bodie)


Blustag Chaska (JJ)


Blustag Icefire (Ollie)

Saxon Zeus (Skipper)


Sugalba Piggin' Out (Yuma) 


Saxon Orion at Blustag (Hunter)


Blustag Snowbell (Axel)


Blustag Snowdrop (Bandit)


Blustag Silver Phantom (Amber)


Blufawn Annie's Song (Rifle)


Blustag Tuoni (Woody) 



Blustag Ukko (Monty)



Blustag Cowboy and the Dandy (Badger)

Blufawn Gambit (Zuuk)

Blufawn Pugsley Adams (Kai)


Blufawn Raven's Child (Alaska) 


Alba O'Shean (Shogun)



Blufawn Gomez Adams (Sylar)


Blufawn Pubert Adams (Bear)