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Started in 2006 by Jennie Saxby, the Tamaskan Dog Showing Club was created because of Jennie's love of both the Tamaskan Dog and showing.

Jennie is the co-founder of the Tamaskan breed and has been showing her other breeds of dogs since she was 4 years old.

As the Tamaskan Dog is not recognised by any Kennel Club it is prohibited from entering mainstream dog shows and as Tamaskan owners are so spread out across the globe, Jennie searched for another way to get people involved within the Tamaskan community.

In 2006 she came across a website that had created an online show judgedogs.com, to begin with Jennie simply entered her dogs in with other breeds, but very soon the owner of the website agreed to hold a Tamaskan only class and the Tamaskan Dog Showing Club was formed to keep a record of wins and to award a Dog of the Year rosette annually.

Not long after in 2008 the online dog showing website closed down. Not disheartened Jennie continued to show her dogs on her own Tamaskan Dog Showing Clubs website.

She also developed the Tamaskan Dog Champion affix (TdCh) for those who have won the Tamaskan Dog of the Year. The points system now includes the results of real life shows, held around the world. 

Monthly shows are held which are generally judged by members of the Tamaskan community.

In late 2013 Jennie added a working section where points are earned for every dog activity and the most point accumulated in a year wins the working dog of the year award. The most popular is the hiking award and Tamaskan owners regularly meet for group walks across the country.


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