Yearling are classed as dogs between 18 and 24 months of age at the date of the show.




Alpha Iona (Maniana) 

Alpha Harris (Ragnar) 

Alpha Islay (Laila)


Blustag Dust Storm (Bailey)


Blustag Thunderstorm (Chase) 


Blustag Buffy (Maya) 


Alpha Bute (Parker)


Blustag Blue Skies (Luna)


Blustag Jet Stream (Cheppi) 


Blustag Xander (Kiba) 

Blustag Myst (Storm) 




Blustag Rainbow (Kimi) 


Alpha Barra (Rhegar) 


Blustag Ghost Rider (Cepheus) 


Blustag Casper (Storm)



Blustag Willow (Mika)