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About the Tamaskan Dog


As in many breeds, the origin of the Tamaskan Dog is subject to many theories, however it is generally accepted that the breed originated from Finland. They were bred for working and racing in arctic conditions and for their wolf like appearance. It is also generally accepted that the breed evolved in England and America, with some of the original breeding stock being purchased from these countries in the 80's.

Known for its wolf like apperance, the Tamaskan Dog has no wolf content, contrary to popular rumour. The Tamaskan is sweet natured and good with children and small pets, this has made them a favourite with UK wolf lovers.

Tamaskan dogs are highly intelligent and need constant mental stimulation, with the correct training they can excel in obedience, agility and even heelwork to music as well as their original function as a sled dog.

Getting a Tamaskan

Buying a dog is not something to be undertaken without giving it a great deal of thought. Firstly is it the right breed for you and your family circumstances. Do you have the time to give to a dog, no dog should be left on its own for long periods of time, Tamaskan are generally lively, intelligent dogs and need the company of a family member or another dog. Tamaskans need a fair amount of excersise and one quick walk around the block will not be sufficient. Tamaskan need mental stimulation or they may become destructive around the house, they are a working dog and as such need to do some form of work, be it a puppy training class or competitive obediance.

Always buy a dog from a reputable breeder, when you visit to purchase your puppy the breeder should be quite happy to let you see all their dogs not just the mother of your puppy. They should also allow you to see the father or at least have the contact details of the father should they have used a stud dog.

You may find yourself being questioned closely by a breeder, do not be embarrassed or annoyed, a reputable breeder guards their puppies well and will want to take the time to ensure that the puppy and you are well suited.  A reputable breeder will be happy to answer the many questions you will have and give you advice on a whole range of topics, from grooming and bathing, training to care of teeth. Always ask the breeder from whom you have purchased your puppy for a diet sheet. Changing a dogs diet rapidly can cause an upset stomach at any time, with the added stress of changing home you are more likely to find this to be the case.

Fortunately the Tamaskan is not a 'popular' breed, although its popularity is growing as the secret of its charm and beauty spreads, it may not always be easy to find a puppy, especially if you have fixed ideas as to colour or sex. Check the Puppy Register to see available litters in the UK, or check the Tamaskan Dog Register website for details of litter around the globe. 

Breeding from your bitch is not something to be undertaken lightly, problems can and do happen even for the most experienced of breeders. Your bitch may have to have a caesarean (a risk to both bitch as well as puppies and expensive as well!!), you may be left with having to hand rear puppies every few hours day and night, a lot of time needs to be devoted to the rearing of puppies to ensure they are healthy and properly socialised, socialisation of Tamaskan at a young age is very important

Should you decide a Tamaskan is the breed for you, treat your Tamaskan with the love and respect it deserves, in return you will be rewarded with years of love and enjoyment.

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