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The TDSGB is TDR affiliated

The Rescue is a non-profit organization and exists to

  • Find homes for every Tamaskan (or wolf like dog) who is in need of one

  • Care for Tamaskan when owners are unable to

  • Raise funds for veterinary fees, kennelling and foster care

  • Educate the public about the importance of pet identification and the serious risks of dog theft in the UK

  • Ensure the welfare of Tamaskan dogs worldwide.

  • Provide information on training, diet and health


Tamaskan Rescue is the oldest Tamaskan rescue in the world, we have raised hundred of pounds for the charity and helped to rehome over 30 Tamaskan Dogs. We have also raised money for people struggling to pay vets bills and cared for Tamaskan while their owners have been in hospital. Unfortunately this is a small home run rescue facility and we can only re-home Tamaskan Dogs or wolf look a likes.

Check out our new facebook page for up to date details of new rescues.




1 year old male. Timid around men and suffering with separation anxiety. We recommend only homes with other dogs for company.

He has been untested around cats but is good with children and respectfully wary of horses.



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