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The TDSGB is TDR affiliated

Tamaskan Time-line


History of the founders

Circa 1969:     Main founder Lynn (Blustag) becomes involved in the dog world, breeding and showing German Shepherds and later Belgian Shepherds, including some of the top UK champions and the record CC holder.

Circa 1987:    Main founder Jennie (Blufawn) becomes involved in the dogs world, first doing junior handling with her mothers dogs and later in life

                      breeding her own champion Lhasa Apsos, judging and showing/breeding rare Canadian Eskimo Dogs and Deerhounds.

The Birth of the Tamaskan lineage


1999:    Lynn of Blustag Kennels has the idea for a breed of dog that looks like a wolf, she starts her search for wolf like dogs.

2000:     Lynn and her daughter Jennie purchase their first breeding dogs from Northern Inuit stock, they become committee

              members on the Northern Inuit Society and later leave with the forming of the Utonagan Society and become committee members.

2002:     Lynn and Jennie start the British and International Utonagan Society to avoid what was then a bad health reputation for the Utonagan.

              First generation F1 litter born.

              Blustag and Blufawn kennels initiate a mandatory hip scoring scheme for all breeding stock, the first of its kind (for Utes/NI/Tam)

2005:     The first Blustag lines are exported to USA

              Blustag kennels import fresh bloodlines from a racing kennels in Finland to help eradicate health issues and improve looks.

The Birth of the Tamaskan Name


2006:     Both founders relocate to Finland in an attempt to source more outcross dogs to improve the health issues present in the Ute and Ni lines.

              The British and International Utonagan Society becomes the Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR) to represent the changes the new Finnish outcrosses will make to the looks and character of the breed.

              Tamaskan were exported to The Netherland, Germany, Sweden and France.

              The Tamaskan Dog Society of Great Britain was formed

              The National Tamaskan Club of America was formed

2007:     The first litter of Tamaskan in USA are born at J&J kennels

              TDR initiates DNA testing for all breeding stock

              Tamaskan Rescue UK was formed

2008:     Tamaskan exported to Greece

              NTCA initiates mandatory CERF (PRA) eye testing for all USA breeding stock

              Tamaskan Rescue UK introduces an accredited breeders scheme to encourage good breeding practices and additional health tests

              Tamaskan forum was first used to help bring together owners and breeders.

              A new foundation dog was added into the Tamaskan bloodlines to create fresh lines

              The Tamaskan Dog Showing Club was formed

2009:     Euro Tamaskan was formed

             The first litter of Tamaskan in Germany are born at Muensterland Kennels

             Tamaskan arrive in Croatia

             Tamaskan Health Database was formed

             Two new foundation dogs were added into the Tamaskan bloodlines to create fresh lines

2010:    Euro Tamaskan held their first show in Germany.

             The NTCA held their first show in USA

             The first litter of Tamaskan born in Croatia at Sylvaen Kennels

             Tamaskan exported to Italy

             Tamaskan exported to Hawaii

             Tamaskan exported to Norway

             DM testing began

2011:    First Tamaskan in Canada

             The formation of the National Tamaskan Club of Canada

2012:    Tam Fest 2012 (to celebrate 10 years of the Tamaskan Dog)

             Tamaskan exported to Australia.

             Tamaskan exported to Bulgaria.

             Tamaskan exported to Norway

            The very first white Tamaskan was born. Since this time White Gold Tamaskan have become more common, although they are still      not   a  recognised colour

             Sadly in 2012 a split in the breed resulted in the formation of another registry and a flood of outcrosses in Europe and USA seriously altering the look and character of the breed. The TDSGB continues to support the original TDR and the founders of the breed.

2015:    The Tamaskan Dog Showing Club pioneered the Working Dog Award to encourage Tamaskan to be used in Dog Sports

             Tamaskan exported to Mexico

             Tamaskan exported to Singapore

2017:    A blue German Shepherd Dog outcross was introduced to help to preserve the black grey colour which is slowly disappearing

            The first litter of Tamaskan born in Poland at Wolfstar kennels

2018:   Breeders start to Embark test breeding stock to test for over 150 different genetic diseases.

2019:   The Scottish Tamaskan Club formed

2020:   All puppies require a health test from the vet before going to new homes

            Mandatory annual heart tests for all breeding dogs.

            Breeders became responsible for Embark testing all puppies born

            Brexit causes a lot of red tape and exports and imports of Tamaskan become more difficult and expensive



            The Future

Sadly the Tamaskan breed has now been split in two. One side is adding in multiple outcrosses with many different breeds while the other fights to maintain the look and character of the breed by evolving it very slowly over time with minimal outcrosses and a small quality selection of breeders.

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